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Lilliput Bespoke 500ml


Lilliput Bespoke is a special service designed to give you something unique, we've selected a super special bottle (pictured) and provide you with a pack of different coloured permanent marker pens that write on glass so that the bottle can be signed, we can sign it for you with a special message from our founder Andy Woodfield if you wish, or we can leave it blank so that you and your friends, family or colleagues can sign it for someone special.

The bottle will be filled with our multi-award winning Lilliput Dorset Gin with only the Lilliput 'L' icon on the front, the rest of the bottle will be blank. Perfect as a Wedding Gift, a Birthday Gift or a Leaving / Retirement gift that everyone can sign.

We’re delighted to report that the fabulous Veronica was ecstatic to receive the very first Lilliput Bespoke Gin in December 2017 (pictured)., signed by our founder and all of her friends and family, now that’s something to remember 😃 

Please email to let us know what you'd like written on your bottle. Delivery times on these bottles will be variable so please email us confirm your requirements and we'll come back to you to confirm the bottle and expected delivery.

Important Note: Please also note that our current bespoke bottle (pictured) is quite funky, it has one flat side that’s easier to write on but the other sides are a little more challenging, if you’d prefer a simpler bottle that’s easier to write on please let us know.




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