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Our first order of Grain Spirit

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

Another big milestone for us today, after sorting out all of our HMRC licensing paperwork we were finally able to place our first order for Grain Spirit (approx. 96% ABV) from our friends at Langley Distillery (picture above). This is one of the biggest investments to date in the production of our Lilliput Dorset Gin for launch, especially if you ignore the cost of the distillery our time and lots of other costs we had no real idea about at the start, but you can't put a price on passion and we have a whole bunch of that left. 

Every batch of Grain Spirit will be diluted down to 40% ABV with distilled water and then used to separatly infuse our key botanicals before being blended back together for distillation in our new micro distillery here in Lilliput, Poole. We have to wait a few weeks for the grain spirit to arrive, that gives us time to get the distillery organised and ready for this very first batch. 

Many gin producers purchase a grain spirit to start the process of gin production as it means they can scale up their production as an when they need to, it also helps to ensure the same quality of product every time. Those with big facilities and big pockets can make their own grain spirit, this however requires a lot more space, time and a lot more paperwork from the good people of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). At this stage we're happy to start with a high quality grain spirt and then add our own magic to the process, perhaps in time we'll consider starting everything from scratch with our own grain spirit production. 

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