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Long Live Summer

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

We wanted to find a phrase that captured the spirt that we describe as driving Lilliput Dorset Gin, we describe that spirt as "the invigorating spirt of summer on the Dorset coast, escaping from the daily dramas of life back to something just a little more real, the simpler, refreshing and timeless beauty of life on the Jurassic coastline of Dorset", but that's quite a lot to digest when you're trying to get across the spirt and passion of the brand. 

So, "Long Live Summer" was born as a phrase to capture that spirt of Lilliput Dorset Gin, the idea of celebrating a long summer, we're sure that means a lot to many people, especially those of us who live in the United Kingdom - everyone seems to go a little crazy as if this might be the last time they see the sunshine, you definitely see that down on the south coast, in Lilliput you can't move for everyone rushing to get to the beach, its quite amazing. So we say to everyone Long Live Summer. 

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