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Sunset Fizz by Thiago da Silva

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

I’m from Brazil, I’m a bartender at the now world famous modern asian restaurant Hakkasan Mayfair in London, I’ve been here in the UK since 2011. I’d like to introduce you to my Lilliput Dorset Gin creation the Sunset Fizz.

First of all I didn’t want to move too far from the classic gin and tonic, instead I wanted to enhance the idea of a gin and tonic. The first flavour that hit me when tasting Lilliput Gin was thyme so I decided to highlight this and the other amazing mediterranean flavours of this beautiful new gin from Dorset. The secret herbaceous and citrus flavours of Campari make this fantastic mediterranean aperitif and such a good combination with this British mediterranean gin. I used kumquat pure because of its refreshing citrus flavour and because of it’s beautiful yellow colour, the yellow of the kumquat and the red of the Campari reminds me of my beautiful sunset from my home in Brazil. So how to make my Sunset Fizz: 



  • Sprig of Rosemary

  • Dried Lemon

  • Dried Kumquat

In a cocktail shaker first add the sprig of fresh thyme, then add the campari, the lemon, kumquat pure and the gin, fill the shaker with ice, then shake and roll the shaker 30 times. Fill a glass with ice and pour the contents of the shaker into the glass through a strainer, add dried lemon and dried kumquat either side of the lemon, and finally a sprig of rosemary behind the lemon.

To make kumquat pure you mix 10ml lemon, 10ml lime, 100ml water, 1 mug of sliced kumquat fruit, 1 mug of white granulated sugar, blend in a liquidizer and then refrigerate for one day to increase the flavor, then strain to remove the seeds and keep in the fridge for use

I hope you love my Lilliput Dorset Gin creation.


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